Sealegs System 60 will revolutionize any boat up to 2.5 tonne. It is the system used on all production Sealegs amphibious craft, which have been shipped over 1200 times to more than 55 countries around the world.


​System 60 has been perfected over 10 years in production, and is ready to make your boat amphibious.





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    ​Sealegs system, base craft, full complement of fuel, fresh or saltwater reservoirs, grey or black water tanks, flooding keel(s), live bait tank, the heaviest primary water drive engine option and the heaviest combination of any available additional options.


    The Maximum Payload Capacity (Weight) for Sealegs equipped craft while on land or when Sealegs system is in use is; [2500kg – Maximum Wet Weight] (as calculated below).


    The Maximum Payload Capacity (Persons) allowable is deemed as the [Maximum Payload Capacity (Weight) / 80] rounded down to the nearest integer.


    The maximum payload of the craft shall not under any circumstances exceed the calculated figures below, while on land or when the Sealegs system is in use. However, a reduced capacity of persons or weight is acceptable for your craft for reasons of space, safety, seating or similar.


    EXAMPLE: Maximum Wet Weight

    Sealegs System:   500kg


    Donor Hull & Drive:   +1350kg


    Full Complement of fuel: + 150kg (200L Petrol)

    = 2000kg


    Maximum Payload Capacity (Weight) = 2500 – Maximum Wet Weight


    (Persons and gear)     = 2500 – [2000]

    = 500kg


    Maximum Payload Capacity (Persons)  = Maximum Payload Capacity (Weight) / 80

    = [500] / 80 = 6.25

    = 6 Persons




    • Wheels & Tyres
    • Legs, bearing hubs and braked wheel motors
    • Legs brackets
    • Hydraulic rams for lifting and retracting legs
    • Hydraulic hoses
    • Petrol inboard engine with muffler
    • Hydraulic pump and lift block
    • Electrical wiring loom
    • Controls including throttle, buttons and joystick
    • Hydraulic tank
    • All hydraulic fittings
    • Power steering system
    • Outboard steering ram
    • XRT - Extended Run Time cooling system


    The system comes equipped with automatic safety brakes and is All Wheel Drive.


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