Sealegs System 100 is the largest amphibious enablement kit Sealegs have ever made, suitable for craft up to 11m in length.


System 100 has been designed and rigorously tested to provide the same powerful, reliable and capable amphibious enablement our customers rely on in System 60. Contact us now to talk about your requirements.




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  • Gross Vehicle Weight Calculation

    ​Sealegs system, base craft, full complement of fuel, fresh or saltwater reservoirs, grey or black water tanks, flooding keel(s), live bait tank, the heaviest primary water drive engine option and the heaviest combination of any available additional options.


    The Maximum Payload Capacity (Weight) for Sealegs equipped craft while on land or when Sealegs system is in use is; [6500kg – Maximum Wet Weight] (as calculated below).


    The Maximum Payload Capacity (Persons) allowable is deemed as the [Maximum Payload Capacity (Weight) / 80] rounded down to the nearest integer.


    The maximum payload of the craft shall not under any circumstances exceed the calculated figures below, while on land or when the Sealegs system is in use. However, a reduced capacity of persons or weight is acceptable for your craft for reasons of space, safety, seating or similar.


    EXAMPLE: Maximum Wet Weight

    Sealegs System:   1500kg


    Donor Hull & Drive:   +3400kg


    Full Complement of fuel: + 300kg (400L Petrol)

    = 5200kg


    Maximum Payload Capacity (Weight) = 6500 – Maximum Wet Weight


    (Persons and gear)     = 6500 – [5200]

    = 1300kg


    Maximum Payload Capacity (Persons)  = Maximum Payload Capacity (Weight) / 80

    = [1300] / 80 = 16

    = 16 Persons


    •  Wheels and tires
    •  Legs, bearing hubs and braked wheel motors
    •  Leg brackets
    •  Hydraulic rams for lifting and lowering legs
    •  Hydraulic hoses
    •  Hydraulic pump and lift block
    •  Electrical wiring loom
    •  Controls including throttle, switches and forward/reverse joystick
    •  Hydraulic fluid reservoir
    •  All hydraulic fittings
    •  Power Steering system
    • XRT extended run time cooling system


    Other components, such as powerpack engine and outboard steering ram, may be included depending on your requirement.


  • The weight that can be supported by System 100 is highly dependent on the craft it is fitted to, as well as the intended usage of the craft. However, 6500kg total craft weight (including payload) should be used as a general guide for this. If the craft you have in mind exceeds this, please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

  • Again, this depends on the specifics of the craft, but we suggest that the ideal craft length is between 8 to 11 metres. If your craft falls outside this range, we’re confident that there is an amphibious solution – so contact us and let us know your requirements.

  • Final costs are dependent on what your craft requires. For example, some may not require the powerpack that comes standard with System100. System 100 is designed as a bespoke solution, so the best way to determine costs is to get in touch with our System 100 team and talk to them about your needs.

  • The lead time for a System 100 ranges from 8 to 12 months, depending on what is required. Our sales manager can give you more detail on these time frames, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  • System 100 is a bespoke solution, so, putting aside specific weight and size requirements, the only limit is your imagination. System 100 has been used on an amphibious interceptor craft intended for military use, but with some small modifications that same craft can be used as a luxury landing craft for avid recreational fishermen or as a large superyacht tender.

  • All of the marine grade aluminium components which you see on Sealegs System 100 are designed, cut and finished in the Sealegs factory in Auckland, New Zealand. Other parts, such as hoses, connectors and similar, are sourced from suppliers both within New Zealand and internationally to ensure the highest quality final product. All completed systems are run on our test rig prior to delivery to ensure strict quality control.

  • The engine used on your System 100 will depend on the solution right for your boat. We have developed both a petrol and diesel version of our integrated powerpack, but this can be replaced with an option of your choice if preferred.

  • Each kit comes with the following:

  • The full weight of System 100 is approximately 1500kgs (or 3300lbs). This weight includes the inboard engine in the powerpack, so total weight will be less if you choose to use your existing inboard engine.

  • As mentioned above, we can adapt the system to suit the inboard engine of your choice.

  • Yes, this can be done.

  • There is no suspension included in any Sealegs amphibious system. They are a rigid setup; the ride is softened through the large tires, the pressure of which can be lowered significantly depending on the substrate they will be driven over.

  • Yes, there are hydraulic brakes included in the package. These brakes are automatically engaged when the pressure in the hydraulic system is released. This happens when the craft is parked or sitting in neutral drive, or in the unlikely event of a fault. This ensures that the craft will not roll on a slope unexpectedly.

  • All Sealegs systems are set to all wheel drive by default. This gives the craft the best possible traction in unknown terrain.

  • Difflock comes standard in the System 100 package. Difflock is installed as a momentary switch on the joystick to be engaged when necessary.

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