Sealegs are valued around the world as rescue and patrol craft

NZ Coastguard

Sealegs are part of the life saving fleet of both the Hibiscus Coast and Tauranga Coastguards. Hibiscus Coast employ a 7.7m Full Width Console RIB, while Tauranga have a 7.1m RIB. Click here to see videos of Sealegs in use as rescue craft.


Sealegs are in use all over Australia in various applications. In Broome and Torquay, Sealegs are used as part of the fleet in Marine Rescue organisations, very similar to New Zealand Coastguard. In Queensland, Sealegs are used by Air Services Australia as rescue boats for the area of water around the Brisbane Airport. Queensland Parks and Wildlife use Sealegs to patrol islands in protected areas around the state.


Sealegs are used throughout various government departments in Malaysia. They are used by the Fire Department (BOMBA) as rescue craft, specifically as aid craft in the event of floods, which occur each year in Malaysia. The Malaysian police and the Eastern Sabah Security Command (ESSCOM) use them as patrol boats.

United States

Sealegs are used by Fire Departments in the United States in Churchville New York, Anglesea New Jersey and Jacksonport Wisconsin.


Sealegs are prized by fire departments because they provide a shorter response time to remote locations that require access via water.


"Sealegs has worked closely with the NZ coast guard to provide a new technology alternative to life saving"

Coastguard Rescue

hisbiscus Coastwatch

Coastguard in Action




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