SEALEGS® is a revolutionary patented concept in the power boat market. Sealegs has been specifically designed and developed to take all the hassle out of the boat launching and retrieval process.


By working closely with Sealegs International, any production boat can become Amphibious by Sealegs with the Sealegs Amphibious Enablement System (or AES). The Fully Marinised Sealegs AES transforms any boat into an all wheel drive amphibious craft.


A boat with Sealegs AES equipped gains the ability to seamlessly transition from land to water and back again. This is achieved using the boat's own fuel source and drive system, ensuring effortless integration and ease of use.


Sealegs AES is an all-inclusive system, and is suited for boats between 5 and 12 metres in length. If you would like to make your boat amphibious, contact us now for the next step.


lThe Sealegs AES system can be fitted to any hull that fits system's size limits. Working with Sealegs R&D engineers, boat-builders will make slight modifications to their boat to accept the rear and forward assemblies.


Rear assemblies fit to transom pods, while the front is fitted to a strengthened bow-section or nose-cone.


The hydra-pack can be placed in a supplied pod at the transom of the craft or placed in a more convenient position depending on the donor hull (e.g. within the console).


Control and navigation systems are mounted on the console near the boat's existing drive system, allowing for ease of use by a single operator.


The Sealegs AES is now installed, with the newly amphibious craft ready to conquer land and sea the world over.


System 60 is suitable for craft up to 2500kg total payload (including passengers), from 5m to 9m in length.


System 60 is made using the same components used on Sealegs Amphibious craft, tried and tested on over 1200 craft in more than 55 countries around the world.


Integration of Sealegs System 60 AES has enhanced the capabilities of boats by some of the world's best like Stabicraft, Asis and Terminator.


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System 100 is suitable for craft up to 6500kg total payload (including passengers), from 9m to 13m in length.


System 100 was designed using the same rigorous standards used to create System 60, ensuring the kit is over engineered and fit for purpose.


Sealegs System 100 has been fitted to the IKA11, designed with the military in mind, but is also ideal for commercial applications or personal pleasure craft.


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