The Sealegs 7.7m Sport D-Tube is our supersized all-aluminum hulled craft. The 7.7m D-Tube combines the rugged design of our smaller 6.1m D-Tube with the size and internal space of our 7.7m craft - giving you the best of both worlds.

The sport center console allows full walk-around access to the entire craft, while still giving you space for all the electronics you need for a trip out on the water. The placement of the inboard powerpack on the transom allows for additional under-seat storage beneath the helm seat, and the tall pontoons give a smooth and secure ride.


  • Single handed operation, giving one person the freedom to launch their boat by themselves
  •  Immediate access to and from the water — no waiting, backing trailers, winching or parking
  •  Embarking and disembarking no longer means getting wet
  •  Children can safely be in the boat at all times, avoiding possible accidents
  •  More time on the water, less time spent getting in and out of water
  •  The ability to explore places inaccessible in a traditional boat
  •  Greater use of your investment


Each Sealegs craft is powered by Sealegs patented Amphibious Enablement System, or AES. The AES, including a fully marinized system of hydraulically powered legs and wheels, is powered by a marinized 22HP inboard engine. This allows the craft to travel for up to 30 minutes within every hour at 7.5kph on land.


​The fully integrated, turn-key package uses the same fuel source as the outboard, and is simple to learn and engage. Over time, the AES technology has improved to allow owners more freedom to use their Sealegs amphibious craft. Read more about the technology by clicking through the menus.




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