When approaching land, the Sealegs wheels are lowered into the "DOWN" position whilst still moving in the water. It is then simply a matter of trolling towards the beach, when the Sealegs powerful motorized wheels touch the bottom and drive the craft up onto land. The occupants can then disembark, totally dry and safe.


Sealegs craft are valued around the world for pleasure craft, fishing vessels, commercial platforms, coastguard patrol, firefighting, flood rescue and more.





Looking for the perfect craft for your waterfront property or as a tender for your superyacht?


Sealegs Amphibious Craft will revolutionize your boating. Getting out on the water takes just seconds, no trailer or boat ramp required.


Sealegs craft are built in many different sizes and styles, ensuring there is a perfect Sealegs for anyone - whether it's a 6.1m craft for smaller families, a 7.7m craft for more protection from the elements or one of our Amphibious by Sealegs craft for die hard fans of Stabicraft or other boat builders, your Sealegs is one click away.




Need to reduce response times or provide an amazing experience to customers?


Sealegs Amphibious Craft are ideal as rescue and disaster relief craft.  The amphibous system reduces response times and provides access into situations with unknown conditions. Sealegs are used across the world as flood rescue, patrol and firefighting craft.


Sealegs also make for exceptional commercial craft. The ability to carry customers to places unreachable by traditional boats is invaluable and creates memorable experiences



Are you a boat builder looking to make an amphibious version of one of your boats?


Sealegs Technology can be applied to any production craft. This is a fantastic way to gain all of the benefits of the Sealegs Amphibious Enablement System on your favorite boat.


The Sealegs Amphibious Enablement System has been successfully applied to Stabicraft, Asis and Terminator boats to name a few - boats both Aluminum and GRP, with and without cabins and based all around the world.



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